Turn Up The Volume Of Your Inner Voice

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

How much time are you giving yourself to stop, switch off, unplug and meditate quietly? Perhaps it’s time you allow your own thoughts and inner voice to be the loudest sound in the room.

If you’re like most of us you’ll be honest and answer “not enough”.

Today, I want to encourage you to take some time out of your schedule and find a quiet spot to let your inner voice speak.


Have you ever had those times when you’ve missed an opportunity and you’ve said:

“I knew that was going to happen…” or “I’ve been thinking about this for ages”

Then you proceed to shake your head, chastise yourself for not taking an earlier action then later that day feeling miserable about a lost opportunity.

I have.

Being Too Busy

Around October/November in 2012 I found myself speaking with a lot of friends, customers and business connections and they would typically say “how are you” to which my standard response was “really busy”.



I was being honest – I’d become busy.

Busy doing things that weren’t productive.

Busy to the point that I felt I had no spare time to do the important things.

I started to realise a pattern – I was telling people I was busy, and because I was telling people I was busy – I WAS BUSY!

This little voice inside started prompting me every time I answered my phone. I could hear those words as if they were magnified every time they came out of my mouth.

“I’M BUSY” – as if booming from a loudspeaker.

My own inner voice was telling me things weren’t right. Something was happening here and it needed to be addressed.

I took stock of my work – I wrote a list of things I needed to accomplish and had a look at what else was going on. There was absolutely no reason for me to be busy, or feel busy.

So, what did I do – I removed that word from my vocabulary.

I decided that whenever someone asked me how I was or what had been happening I wasn’t going to use that word again in my response.

From now on, when people called and said “how are you” I’d reply;

“really productive” or “excellent” or “I’ve been great”

And all of a sudden, life returned back to normal.

I started to get things done.

I began clearing my desk again at the end of each work day.

My working hours returned back to normal allowing me to take more time for myself and give me more time to spend with my friends.

Thanks to that little voice that spoke to me, life is better and business is better. But it wouldn’t have been the case had I just ignored that voice.

If I’d pushed it aside and just stumbled along any longer, I’d still be feeling a sense of overwhelm and think I didn’t have available time to do the things I think are important.

That Little Voice Often Knows Best

There’s a lot of times that little voice speaks out and in my experience, listening will bring good results.

In the past I’ve given some people promotions and had the owner of the business ridicule me because they disagreed with the decision. But those decisions were never made lightly – and I’d often contemplate them significantly beforehand – and that voice would tell me they were right and ready for the new opportunity. As it turned out, they were – and years later the owner would take credit for my decision…..

I’ve had other close friends and even mentors give me advice and at times I’ve walked away thinking they were giving me their best and looking out for my best interest. But my inner voice was telling me they were wrong. I needed to bite the bullet and be confident and trust my own expertise.

In nearly all cases, that inner voice is soft spoken. You need to find a quiet place to hear it and really listen. Reflect on what it is saying and play it out in your mind. Immerse yourself on those thoughts and let new direction and decisions be born.

So what about you? What is your voice saying?

I encourage you – listen, meditate on it, then act. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.

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