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Mari Smith

How To Master The Social Web In 5 Easy Steps

29 Mar 2013

Mari Smith (Twitter @marismith) takes the stage this afternoon – many refer to her as a Social Media Thought Leader, and definitely is well known as a Facebook expert.

For many business owners, we know how to relate to others, often learning while in the firing line of sales as we’ve grown our business from scratch. Mari Smith is going to try to help us bridge the gap between conversing with people in our normal environments face to face, to using social media online.

Social Graph

Mari reveals what the Social Graph looks like on Facebook with a demonstration of a search for real estate representatives in San Jose California. Continue Reading

How To Build Your Audience Using Advanced Content Marketing & Syndication Techniques

21 Feb 2013

This weeks typical business podcast is all about how to build your audience using advanced content marketing and syndication techniques.

Content marketing is taking off as ‘the only form of marketing’ right now especially with the rise of social media. But it’s not just good enough to create great content. You need your potential target audience to discover your great content and allow them to share it also for viral effects. Continue Reading