Putting Personality Into A Page And A Podcast

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Working out how to put my own personality into a blog page and a podcast episode is proving to be a challenge!

When I first started blogging in 2010 I wrote very dry, stale blog posts that didn’t really have much expression at all. When I read them back I kept thinking they were really stuffy, and in some cases, they still are. It’s proving to be a similar situation with the Typical Business podcast also.

If I’m honest, most of the shows so far have been a long way away from what I’m like in person.

On the one hand, when it comes to business I can be very serious – because business isn’t a joke. But on the other hand, even when I’m talking serious business with other business owners, I’m throwing in jokes and looking at the lighter side.

That’s my personal bent. I don’t want to lose sleep over business nor do I want to be in a business I don’t enjoy and hell, when things go wrong you’ve often got a choice – lose the plot or laugh at it (or both, just not simultaneously because that’d be crazy town).

That’s part of writing the rule book for your own business isn’t it?

So when I get to writing or speaking on the microphone, why is it that I struggle so much to add expression?

Let me just add – I have been a stage performer for a number of years behind the microphone. It’s not that this is totally new to me – or at least, not entirely unfamiliar.

What I will admit is that launching a podcast (and any new platform that you’re not familiar with) is to enter into a rapid learning curve.

The Uncomfortable Truth

I can listen back to the first episodes of the Typical Business podcast and feel the awkwardness of the interviews along with my own unfamiliarity of using my podcasting microphone. It definitely took me a few episodes to relax, and I’m sure Ryan would admit to the same thing. The truth is, Ryan and I had only spoken a handful of times before deciding to record a podcast together. Even those were fairly short conversations. So Ryan is a guest on my platform, trying to come to grips with me and my agenda, while I’m not even sure what my agenda is!

Ahhh, how awkward.

Finally, I’ve come up with a new strategy and a firm plan for what Typical Business is. We also have a better idea of where we’re heading and based on some of your feedback we’re starting to move in the right direction.

Now, with a new agenda of publishing a new episode each week, I find that I’m comfortable. Going solo for a few episodes in a row has given me less to worry about. Is the conversation going to flow? No – who cares! I’ll just edit that part out!

But going solo also feels a little weird. I’m often sitting in my office with my door closed, my wife and my son aren’t too far away just outside. I know they can hear me mumbling away into the microphone.

What do they think when I’m cracking up to my own joke?

Who knows.

Split Personality

And here is where the problem lies.

If you laugh in a forest, can anyone hear you?

Both writing a blog and doing a podcast on your own can make you feel very isolated. There is no sounding board. There’s nothing else to bounce off. There’s very little stimulus or provocation to let your mind wander into new creative areas. It’s simply your own thoughts that you are left with – that and perhaps a fairly basic running sheet.

So, I’m going to have to make extra effort to prepare in advance to mix up my writing and podcasting with some bursts of humour. The lighter side of business. It’ll be a conscious decision to add that to my agenda whenever I write or speak from now on.

The good news though is that we have some guests coming on the show and Ryan is about to make a return (we’re recording tomorrow) from his short hiatus due to his cycling trip.

Most of all though, I’d like to hear from you all – have you found the same thing? Do you struggle with letting your personality shine in the written word? Is it even important to let every aspect of you as a person out during a podcast series?

Let me know your thoughts.


love the way you write Steve, I dont comment on these things but I read almost every blog post you put up!