Who are Your Perfect Customers?

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Identifying your target market and perfect customers is an essential part of any business. In order to devise a strategic and profitable marketing plan, you must first get really clear about your target market.

This should be more personal than stating something like ‘my target customer is females between the ages of 25 and 40’. Instead you should define their individual characteristics, qualities and behavioural patterns.

This article takes an in depth look at how to identify who your perfect customers are.

If you’ve never really examined who your perfect customer is, I recommend you take this short course – it’s easy but deceptively powerful.

You can break down your perfect customers into four main categories: demographic, geographics, psychographics and technographics.


Demographics refer to the basic qualities and characteristics of your customers. They include things like age, sex, employment and marital status. You can go through a series of questions in order to get more clear on your perfect customer.

Some examples are:

● What age groups will be most attracted to my products or services?
● Do my products and services cater for men or women or both?
● Do my products or services apply best to a specific industry?
● What income levels are my products and services most suited to?

When figuring out your target customers, your first stop should be getting clear about the demographics of your market.


Geographics refer to the physical location of your customers, including their areas of work, where they live and the areas they travel to.

If your company has a store in a physical location then your demographic will include people who have easy access to this store. Remember if you have an eCommerce site your customers can be located in a much wider area, providing you offer long-distance shipping services. If your products or services are digital in nature, then your geographic can be worldwide.

Some questions that will help you identify your target geographic include:

● Do your customers live in rural or urban areas?
● Do you provide products or services to a specific state or region?


Psychographics are the mental, emotional and behavioural patterns of your target customers.

In order to get clear on this aspect of your target market you should try and really get into the mind of your perfect customer. What are their thoughts, their hopes, dreams, problems and main belief systems? You may want to do some in depth market research in order to figure this out.

Some questions you can ask include:

● What are the general buying patterns behind your target customers purchase?.
● What emotional factors come into play when a customer decides to buy a product or service?


Technographics is a relatively new category. It covers people’s views on technology. This aspect is particularly important to consider if your business has an online presence. You need to consider things like the number of personal technology items your potential customers may own, such as smartphones and computers.

Some question you can ask to identify your perfect technographic are:

● How often do they surf the web?
● Do they have access to the Internet?
● Do they frequently make purchases online or do they prefer to buy in store?

Follow the above techniques and you will be sure to identify your perfect customers in no time. Once you’ve identified your perfect customers, you’ll be much better equipped to create a successful marketing strategy to engage your target market and convert them to paying customers.