Ecosystem Ideas

Creating An Business Ecosystem For Greater Profits

21 Dec 2012

In our last podcast for 2012 we share our thoughts on creating a business ecosystem. An ecosystem is where you can create new business that feeds and lives alongside your existing business structure.

These could be new stand alone businesses in their own right, or they could be additional services that you’re not currently offering.

In this episode; Continue Reading

Hiring New Staff

10 Point Checklist for Hiring the Right People

18 Dec 2012

Most business owners have been in a situation where they’ve had to hire staff. But hiring the right people can be a tricky, and worse, costly exercise when done incorrectly.

Use this 10 point checklist to ensure you give yourself the best chance for success.

Hiring the wrong employees will cost your business, and if you’re running a startup, that just isn’t an acceptable scenario. Even if your business is a somewhat mature company, the wrong hire can still have a negative impact on morale and team dynamics. Continue Reading

Firing staff

Tips For Firing Staff Over Poor Performance, Misconduct & Redundancy

15 Dec 2012

There may come a time in your life when you have to fire a member of staff due to budget cuts, poor performance or for misconduct. Firing staff is usually a horrible, draining experience for anyone.

Here’s my advice for making this as easy as possible for both yourself and the person you are firing. Continue Reading


Creating A Memorable Brand By Telling Your Story

13 Dec 2012

You want to build your business brand – but just how do you do that? The first step to creating a memorable brand is to tell your story.

What makes the difference between a mediocre company and a truly successful one? Surely the main difference lies in the people involved, in the amount of hard work put in.

But if that were the difference, why are there mediocre companies that pour all of their hearts and souls into advertising and just never seem to get anywhere – and incredibly successful companies that do not seem to really advertise at all, yet anyone would recognize their name or logo if they spotted it somewhere? Continue Reading

Business Names

How To Decide On A New Business Name

29 Nov 2012

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make in business is what to name your business. Many of us spent hours agonising over this one decision and in some cases regretted our decisions later.

This article is a guide to help you name your business right the first time along with some mistakes that businesses can make (including one of my own oversights I made with my first business).

When you are deciding on a new business name, there are a few critical rules that you need to adhere to. Continue Reading

Bank Balance

Why You Should Get Paid Up Front Before You Start Work

24 Nov 2012

Cash is king, and without money coming in, your business won’t last long.

The saying goes that you should never discuss money in polite company, but as a business owner, there’s no room for reticence in discussing pricing and payment.

In many industries, it’s traditional to invoice after the delivery of work, but increasingly, freelancers and businesses are moving toward a different business model.

Whether you ask for a substantial deposit before you begin Continue Reading