Why I Chose Infusionsoft vs Ontraport

27 Feb 2013

Choosing a key software application takes serious consideration, so much so I spent over 12 months researching my ideal solution before finally taking the plunge. Ultimately, I had to compare Infusionsoft vs Ontraport.

If you’ve ever implemented a new piece of software, you’ll understand the commitment required and also the pain to disconnect and do it again with the ‘right’ provider. This is something I wanted to avoid, having multiple businesses would only compound the situation if I chose the wrong system.

But I’m really happy to say, I got it right. Infusionsoft is the best solution for all of my businesses. Continue Reading

Work Life Balance

Why Work Life Balance Is Important And How You Can Make Adjustments

25 Feb 2013

It’s always a hot topic at any time in your working career – juggling work life balance. Today on the Typical Business Podcast, I wanted to spend some time sharing my thoughts on why work life balance is important.

Once you’ve identified that life might be a little out of balance, it’s then going to be a little challenging to get things back on track. Perhaps a close friend or family member or loved one has said you’re too focused on work. Or perhaps that little voice inside has been prompting you. Either way, you’re starting to listen and that’s a good thing. Continue Reading

How To Build Your Audience Using Advanced Content Marketing & Syndication Techniques

21 Feb 2013

This weeks typical business podcast is all about how to build your audience using advanced content marketing and syndication techniques.

Content marketing is taking off as ‘the only form of marketing’ right now especially with the rise of social media. But it’s not just good enough to create great content. You need your potential target audience to discover your great content and allow them to share it also for viral effects. Continue Reading


How To Install The Start Button On Your New Windows 8 Notebook

17 Feb 2013

Today I managed to finally buy my new mobile PC – the Asus Zenbook Prime UX31A Touch Screen notebook, and I couldn’t be happier!

Lately, I’ve been switching a lot of my devices back to Microsoft after a brief couple of years trying to adopt the Apple ecosystem.

Don’t get me wrong, I still like Apple products and my iPod isn’t going anywhere, nor my iTunes. But the key ingredients that I missed were my favourite productivity tools and the plug and play compatibility with so many devices that is inherent with windows devices. Continue Reading

Karate fight

Putting Yourself Out There

15 Feb 2013

This weeks podcast is all about putting yourself out there and getting into the fight. I reveal how I got a free win – and became the state Tae Kwon Do champion, just because I entered the tournament! But there are some typical business principles in this life lesson, which I want to share with you.

The three principles we discuss in this topic are;

  1. Be prepared – do the work.
  2. Don’t wait for permission.
  3. Have faith in your own abilities. Continue Reading

Developing Your Company Ethos With Strong Leadership

8 Feb 2013

Working in management, you observe contrasting business and management styles. One observation that holds true in every organisation I’ve ever worked in is that influence flows from the top down and attitudes, ethics and standards are all created at the top.

Whatever characteristics are displayed at the top levels of an organisation will reflect in the middle level managers and then to the support staff right down to the trainees in the business.

Some organisations Owners and top level management have a really poor customer service attitude – almost as if they would say ‘there’s plenty more where they came from’. Continue Reading