Ryan's Video Tips

Online Video Marketing Strategy With Ryan Spanger From Dream Engine

18 Mar 2013

We discuss creating an online video marketing strategy with Ryan after his epic Tasmanian bike ride in this podcast episode of Typical Business.

Ryan shares how he managed to travel and keep up to date with his business through his iPad Mini. This gave him the capability to speak to clients daily if needed, send quotes as he needed to and keep in touch with his team back at his Melbourne office. Continue Reading


How To Make The The Most Of A 14 Hour Plane Flight

15 Mar 2013

This week I flew from Sydney Australia to Los Angeles on a 14 hour Qantas flight in a new Airbus 380.

I thought I’d share my top tips to become more productive in-flight and what can throw your well laid plans out the window.

This trip to America is a combination of a family holiday with my wife and 17 year old son joining me. However, while they are strictly on holiday, it’s also a business trip with a stop off in Phoenix to attend Infusioncon 2013.

It’s also essential for me to have internet access along my travels so I can connect daily with my staff back in Perth. Continue Reading

Irresistible Blog

How To Create An Irresistible Blog That Will Have An Audience Return Over & Over Again

11 Mar 2013

Dan Norris from inform.ly joins us to give us some insight into building a blog that will have your readers return over and over again.

Dan recently won the Top Blogger People’s Choice Award presented by ‘Smarter Business Ideas’ so I thought it’d be great to chat about what he does and how he’s managed to connect with his audience.

Blogging is still a hot topic for businesses; Continue Reading

Give the Finger

Facebook Sponsored Story Haters & Spammers

8 Mar 2013

Facebook has become a useful tool for content marketers who want to get their message in front of a new audience. Unfortunately, this conflicts with many Facebook spammers who have decided Facebook should be free of any advertising.

I thought I’d share something that you should prepare for if you do decide to use Facebook as a marketing tool with your business.

Facebook Bill

I’m also going to introduce you to a bunch of people just like Bill. Bill is one happy Facebook user; he also enjoys long walks along the beach where he enjoys his retirement. Continue Reading

Follow the leader

Three Traits Of Leadership You Should Embrace

4 Mar 2013

This weeks typical business podcast is all about three traits of leadership you should embrace. If your a business owner or leader, these leadership traits will help you lead your business to greater success.

If you’re a business owner, then you need to practise leadership and these three traits of leadership are a good place to start. That often means you’ve got to learn how to cope with adversity and living under the spotlight. If you can navigate this well, you’ll be able to build a cohesive environment that will thrive due to your direct efforts. Continue Reading

Putting Personality Into A Page And A Podcast

28 Feb 2013

Working out how to put my own personality into a blog page and a podcast episode is proving to be a challenge!

When I first started blogging in 2010 I wrote very dry, stale blog posts that didn’t really have much expression at all. When I read them back I kept thinking they were really stuffy, and in some cases, they still are. It’s proving to be a similar situation with the Typical Business podcast also.

If I’m honest, most of the shows so far have been a long way away from what I’m like in person.

On the one hand, when it comes to business I can be very serious – because business isn’t a joke. Continue Reading