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The Most Forgotten Sales Tool Killing Your Business

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

We’re evolving – personally, professionally and as a society. In the midst of all this change some things have been forgotten – and it’s likely hurting us. Today I want to share the most forgotten sales tool that is underutilised in almost every business today – and the effects are astounding.

I’m always up for new things. I love new. I embrace change. It’s just the way I am. But I know that no matter how many changes I make or how many new tools I collect, there are some fundamental rules and principles that remain the same.

For example, these fundamentals never change;

  • No matter what your business model, cash will always be king.
  • The easiest way to build wealth is through leverage.
  • The best cake in the world is the continental cheesecake.

The one forgotten sales tool that is foundational, and should always be a part of your sales process is asking the question;

“Do you want to buy it.”

That’s right. Actually, it’s so important, I think it’s worth repeating.

The most forgotten sales tool killing business today is the lack of asking customers if they want to buy it

If you don’t believe me, go shopping this weekend and browse through a car yard, a few fashion retailers, a computer store and maybe even go to a home open. Then, record just how many sales people actually asked you if you want to buy it.

My guess? It’ll be less than 5%.

Too often we forget the art of selling is only completed once a purchase is made. And how do people purchase? By buying something.

It seems obvious but we’re all a little like sheep. There are times we need to be prodded or shown where to go and what to do.

Have you ever heard of “banner blindness”?

Banner blindness refers to website banners showing on web pages. Most people surfing the net these days are almost blind to the banners, meaning they barely even see them. However, when they do – they’ll often take no action.


Because there is no instruction on the banner to take action!

It’s assumed by many advertisers that people know to click on banners, however, if you add those words “click here” the amount of people clicking on your banners can increase by more than 20 times!

Just because someone walked into your store, doesn’t mean you can’t ask them if they want to buy something.

Don’t just ask once.

Here is another important principle to remember –

“Asking once isn’t enough. You should ask as many as 5 or 6 times if the customer wants to buy it”

So lets break this down a little bit further – because I know a lot of you are thinking right now “That’s rubbish, asking someone if they want to buy it isn’t that important.”

What happens when you ask someone “Do you want to buy it”:

  • Customers will react.
  • You might immediately discover they’re not real buyers, in which case you can move on – OR –
  • Customers will then tell you any objections they may have.
  • You can answer the objection and then repeat the question “So, would you like to buy it”
  • Customers will then tell you the next objection they may have.
  • You can answer the objection and then repeat the question “So, would you like to buy it”
  • Rinse and Repeat as many times as necessary.

What is interesting is that my top sales staff generally ask the question 4 or 5 times before they get the sale. Even more interesting is the fact that the customers often only recall them asking the question once!

So, if you’re in sales or you’re a sales manager, press this issue home. Make sure your asking the question.

Don’t be afraid.

Don’t worry about rejection.

Give yourself every opportunity to sell and achieve more sales than you ever have before. Then, come back here and leave a comment below letting us know how you’re killing it! We’d love to hear you boast about your best sales month ever!