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The How, Why & When To Help You Choose The Right Business Mentor

27 Sep 2012

With the popularity of social media channels Twitter and Facebook, mentors are even more accessible where they may not have been before. Today I can get a response to my comments on twitter from my mentors like Sir Richard Branson, Lisa Barone, Mike Rhodes or Rae Hoffman where only a few years ago they just weren’t accessible at all to the larger populous. Because of the easy of access it’s more important today to choose your business mentors wisely.

With Mentors like these who can share their insight with Continue Reading

In 2003 Santa Didn’t Visit My 7 Year Old Son

24 Sep 2012

In 2003 I felt ashamed and inadequate as my 7 year old son wasn’t getting a single present for Christmas.

Back in 2003 I was a mature age student studying Software Engineering and had just completed my third year. Times were tough and the finances were really bad. This is the letter that I wrote to my 7 year old son for Christmas. I’ve kept it as a reminder to me of that moment in my life.

Dear Zac,

My elves have told me how good you have been this year. You have been really well behaved for Mum and Dad, and you have tried hard at school and got a good report.  Continue Reading