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Work Life Balance

Why Work Life Balance Is Important And How You Can Make Adjustments

25 Feb 2013

It’s always a hot topic at any time in your working career – juggling work life balance. Today on the Typical Business Podcast, I wanted to spend some time sharing my thoughts on why work life balance is important.

Once you’ve identified that life might be a little out of balance, it’s then going to be a little challenging to get things back on track. Perhaps a close friend or family member or loved one has said you’re too focused on work. Or perhaps that little voice inside has been prompting you. Either way, you’re starting to listen and that’s a good thing. Continue Reading

Karate fight

Putting Yourself Out There

15 Feb 2013

This weeks podcast is all about putting yourself out there and getting into the fight. I reveal how I got a free win – and became the state Tae Kwon Do champion, just because I entered the tournament! But there are some typical business principles in this life lesson, which I want to share with you.

The three principles we discuss in this topic are;

  1. Be prepared – do the work.
  2. Don’t wait for permission.
  3. Have faith in your own abilities. Continue Reading

Steve & Ryans Tips On How To Set Goals In 2013

7 Feb 2013

Today Ryan & I discuss the concept of goals, how to set goals and how to make it easier to achieve goals using a template and some of our own personal goals for 2013.

Setting Goals

OK so if I’m honest, I haven’t been good in the past with formally setting goals. However, I started to get serious with this in recent years and found Zig Ziglars videos inspiring to help me really get motivated and get moving with my goals. Continue Reading


Turn Up The Volume Of Your Inner Voice

17 Jan 2013

How much time are you giving yourself to stop, switch off, unplug and meditate quietly? Perhaps it’s time you allow your own thoughts and inner voice to be the loudest sound in the room.

If you’re like most of us you’ll be honest and answer “not enough”.

Today, I want to encourage you to take some time out of your schedule and find a quiet spot to let your inner voice speak.


Have you ever had those times when you’ve missed an opportunity Continue Reading


Aligning Your Personal Life & Goals With Your Business

27 Oct 2012

In this weeks episode Steve & Ryan discuss why they went into business for themselves. Steve gets personal and reveals his biggest life changing moment that has redefined his career, businesses and lifestyle.

Ryan started as a contractor and organically grew his business from there. It’s a common pathway for many small business owners where they apply their skill and craft and naturally progress into running a successful business. Continue Reading

Is Windows 8 The End Of Windows Or The Beginning Of A Resurgence?

21 Oct 2012

Microsoft is getting ready to launch a full on assault with the new operating system Windows 8. However, unlike most launches, this time it’s not just the PC getting the upgrade. The question on everyone’s mind is, is this the beginning of a Windows (Microsoft) resurgence?

There’s been some recent comments from the Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff that Windows 8 is the end of Windows and that Windows is irrelevant?

I’ve been a Windows user since 3.1 and have used every Continue Reading