Clate Mask

Infusioncon 2013 Kicks Off

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Infusioncon 2013 which is the annual Infusionsoft conference has just started to a rousing stand up applause from the 2000 strong audience.

Clate Mask was quickly introduced to the audience as the opening keynote speaker for the conference.

Here’s some of the breakdown Clate shared with the current state of affairs with Infusionsoft

  • 13,543 Customers
  • 48,564 Users
  • 80,000,000 emails sent a week
  • Over $1.5 Billion in revenue was generated through eCommerce sales last year
  • Infusionsoft customers collected 40 Million leads last year.

Clate has reinforced the vision of Infusionsoft being for small business owners and operators.

Sharing his own personal experience in growing Infusionsoft from a small business, struggling as an Entrepreneur  having his own family members ask ‘why not just leave that and get a real job’. Clate understands what it’s like to grow a business first hand – the ups and the downs.

I think that’s what makes Infusionsoft great. Sure, it’s a successful business today, but they haven’t forgotten their roots. They know what it’s like for all of us setting up new business.

The Learning Curve

Clate shares that right now they’re working on making the back end much easier to use (it’s already far easier than many other solutions) to get rid of the term ‘learning curve’.

This week at Infusioncon 2013 – we’ll be looking at the Spring Release which is taking large steps to reducing the learning curve with new innovations to make things easier for new users to get up and running even faster than before.

What’s New To Infusionsoft with the 2013 Spring Release

Richard Tripp (Twitter @rtripp) the Chief Product Officer steps on the stage to announce the newest features of Infusionsoft.

POV – Point of View

This is the methodology used when considering what new features will be added to the software with each iteration. It takes into consideration everyone’s point of view – what their needs are, their personal values, what’s most important to them individually.

This allows the Infusionsoft team to come up with the list of work priorities that will satisfy customers and roll out solutions in the software.

The biggest message Infusionsoft received from the user base which is being rolled out in this release was; “Simplify my sales and marketing”.

“my day is a series of fire drills”

“Help me stay on top of my tasks and appointments”

“Help me organize my day”

My Day

My Day helps users keep their day productive and organised. It allows you to easily manage a dashboard which will keep you organised with appointments, easy follow ups and note taking on each client and even allows you to send specific, individual emails to your leads to personalize your lead management.


From the My Day dashboard, a new Quotes tool has been added.

Infusionsoft now includes a quoting tool allows you to simply create a new quote and automatically pulls down your standard items from your item list.

You can also apply a discount and once completed, you can email the prepared quote to the user with one click.

Your customer can then receive the quote and accept it with one button click, automatically linking to your eCommerce cart for easy payment.


GroSocial was recently acquired by Infusionsoft, and it has now been incorporated into the campaign builder to help track leads and conversions from different social media platforms.

GroSocial can help you create custom tabs on your Facebook business page like;

Like to Reveal – This can help you build a fan base by offering a simple give away if an end user likes your page.

Photo Contest – Gives you competition functionality with a popular photo sharing app.

Plus more.

The biggest feature here from my perspective is the integration into the campaign builder. This allows you to set up goals so you can track actions taken in your social media campaign so you can track likes, enquiries, opt-ins etc…


Free Campaign Templates

All the best campaigns that have been successfully implemented and used by other Infusionsoft customers have been standardized and created as Templates.

Simply go into your campaign builder and choose a template that is relevant to your business, then with one click Install the template.

This means it’s far easier to create significant campaigns without having to go through all the ins and outs of the campaign builder.

Email Builder

Snippets and Tables have been added to the email builder editing ribbon, plus making it easy to cut and paste from Microsoft Word.

These announced changes just got a big round of applause from a lot of the audience. Obviously this has been a pain point to some, but has now been fixed/improved nicely.

Branding Centre

There’s now an easy way to create all of your brand templates for emails, landing pages and web forms.

You can also save your custom colour palette and save that to every single template that is in use.

Walk Me

Walk Me is a step by step tutorial guide for all the features in Infusionsoft. It gives you a way to learn about the features within IS when you want to learn them.

And More

Lead source report, customer hub templates, sync for Gmail… plus others too numerous to mention. These changes were probably less significant, but important and valuable nonetheless.

All these changes will begin to roll out in April 2013.