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How To Create An Irresistible Blog That Will Have An Audience Return Over & Over Again

Monday, March 11th, 2013

Dan Norris from joins us to give us some insight into building a blog that will have your readers return over and over again.

Dan recently won the Top Blogger People’s Choice Award presented by ‘Smarter Business Ideas’ so I thought it’d be great to chat about what he does and how he’s managed to connect with his audience.

Blogging is still a hot topic for businesses;

  • Should we blog?
  • Who in the company should blog?
  • What should we blog about?
  • Is it going to make a difference if we blog?

We ask Dan a lot of questions about blogging (a term he hates). Here’s a short hit-list of our hard hitting questions we lumped on Dan during the episode;

  1. First, why do you blog and why should others consider blogging?
  2. If someone was just starting out, what would be your best piece of advice?
  3. How important is SEO to a successful blogging strategy?
  4. How long did it take you to really ‘find your voice’
  5. Is blogging on it’s own too 1 dimensional? Is there a trend moving towards augmenting a blog with Video and Audio?
  6. Guest blogging seems to be one of the popular ways of sharing your ideas. Certainly, you’re known in many blogging circles. How important is that as a strategy?
  7. How important is it for you to capture readers email addresses and what methods are you currently using to do that?
  8. There seems to be a trend with bloggers becoming more transparent. Is this something you’re seeing and is that a result of the Internet audience wanting more authenticity?

Here’s Dans latest and most shared content – an interactive infographic – to see this in full action click on the image below;

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Thanks for having me mate, I had a great time!