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Jay Baer

How Smart Companies Sell More By Selling Less

29 Mar 2013

Jay Baer (Twitter @jaybaer) took the stage today with his wit and great sense of humour, coupled with some great insight into marketing and selling in today’s digital environment.

If you sell something, you’ll make a customer today. If you help someone, you’ll make a customer for life.

So here are some problem for most of today’s business owners; Continue Reading

Jim Kukral

Build Your Sales And Reputation With E-Books

28 Mar 2013

Jim F. Kukral (Twitter @jimkukral) who is the CEO of opens with the obvious that we can all see happening right now. We don’t need a traditional publisher anymore – we can self publish our own books.

Jim should know, he’s authored nine books since 2010. Here’s just a few benefits to publishing your own book;

  • Generate leads for your business
  • Increased consulting fees x 3
  • Each book leads to new readers, fans and customers. Continue Reading
Scott Richins

Introduction to the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

28 Mar 2013

Scott Richins (Twitter @scottrichins) led us today by teaching the fundamentals of the Campaign Builder.

The campaign builder is what Infusionsoft users use to create many different campaigns, from a simple campaign to a very complex campaign.

What can you do with the campaign builder? First and foremost, this is where you begin to automate your business.

  • Web forms and Auto Responders
  • Prospect Education
  • Post purchase up-sells Continue Reading
Clate Mask

Infusioncon 2013 Kicks Off

28 Mar 2013

Infusioncon 2013 which is the annual Infusionsoft conference has just started to a rousing stand up applause from the 2000 strong audience.

Clate Mask was quickly introduced to the audience as the opening keynote speaker for the conference.

Here’s some of the breakdown Clate shared with the current state of affairs with Infusionsoft

Ryan's Video Tips

Online Video Marketing Strategy With Ryan Spanger From Dream Engine

18 Mar 2013

We discuss creating an online video marketing strategy with Ryan after his epic Tasmanian bike ride in this podcast episode of Typical Business.

Ryan shares how he managed to travel and keep up to date with his business through his iPad Mini. This gave him the capability to speak to clients daily if needed, send quotes as he needed to and keep in touch with his team back at his Melbourne office. Continue Reading