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Developing A Successful Offline & Online Sales System With James Schramko

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Sales has been a theme here at Typical Business for the last couple of months, so I couldn’t think of a better guest than James Schramko to join us and give some awesome advice about offline sales and developing and online sales system to sell online.

James runs his current business Superfast Business primarily as an online business offering business services like web development and search engine optimisation, as well as a coaching and mastermind groups.

James was previously a General Manager of a Mercedes dealership in Sydney. He started initially as a sales person and was promoted to sales manager then general sales manager and finally as the GM before leaving and forming his own business.

That experience provided a great grounding in business skills, working with a high level brand.

Offline Sales Techniques

James learnt his own sales techniques that made him the #1 sales person at BMW. However, he later learnt an even more comprehensive selling system called ‘Road to a sale’. This system held each step you would go through from the moment a prospect walked in, to the moment they drove away with their new car.

The Steps:

  • Meet and greet
  • Handshake
  • Exchange of names
  • Business cards
  • Offer of tea, coffee or water
  • Sitdown to discuss requirements further
  • Demonstration
  • Test Drive
  • Wrap up session which included;
  • Finance
  • Sales Manager if needed
  • Finally, taking the order

Subtle elements you could delve into during the discussions;

  • Negotiation
  • Body language
  • Test drive evaluation
  • Delivering news about the price

Customers motivation beyond the basics (trigger points or hot buttons);

  • Safety
  • Performance
  • Appearance
  • Comfort
  • Economy
  • Durability

All leads were tracked – in depth.

In the podcast, James provides a clear 9 step roadmap for implementing your own sales system in your business.

First – commit to building your own sales system, then build your own Write Up sheet;

1. Who is this for?

If the decision makers aren’t in the meeting, then there’s no point going further.

2. What car are you trading in today?

This gives you clues as to the reasons they bought that car in the first place. Did they buy it new, second hand? Did they finance it? How did they buy it, were they a spreadsheet shopper?

3. Ask the main reason for this purchase?

This is the hot button.  You’ll find out the driving reason for this decision to purchase.

4. Ask for the specific features required?

This is where you make sure you’re solving the problem properly.

5. Ask a timing question, when is this required?

This makes a big difference in some cases as to if the product will be available.

6. What type of vehicle is required? 

Get the specifications right. Go through the nuts and bolts and make sure all the details are covered.

7. Is there anything else?

This is where they’ll respond with comments like “this is going to come down to price” or “this needs to meet a certain safety requirement”.

8. Right now you should be able to show them beyond any doubt that your solution is right for them.

Demonstrate that this is the ideal solution from proof, testimonial, pictures etc… to show them this solution is perfect for them.

9. Ask for the most reasonable commitment. 

This might be an order for the product or perhaps booking in the final appointment.

Online Sales Techniques & Tips to Selling Online

There are a few subtle differences with online sales vs offline sales. First of all, you’ll need to anticipate questions more carefully as you are unable to react to prospects responses. So build your websites as client focused.

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Online Sales Tip – “Don’t be high pressure, tricky or manipulative” – James Schramko via @typicalbusiness

Showcase your product well on your website.

Don’t be short-sighted. Recurring customers are key to your business success. They also require a lot less effort and add to your profitability.

Keep the focus on solving your customers problems and not your own problems and you’ll remain successful.

Here’s what James recommends you do with your online presence.

1. Look at your website through the eyes of your customer. 

Provide benefits for your customer – don’t worry about telling people how good you are, instead, solve the customers problem and give them a benefit (at no cost) by offering something your competitor doesn’t.

Ask yourself honestly ‘Is this doing something for my customer’? If not, you need to change” – James Schramko

2. Beef up your website and put really useful information and services that help your customer get to know you better and see some value.

You might consider offering some kind of experience free.

3. Tell people about your website.

You’ll need to put some effort into promoting your website. This might be done through a lot of different methods like;

  • Creating a facebook page
  • Putting a video up on YouTube
  • Writing a Press Release
  • And others…

In the podcast Steve discusses how “The Ultimate Sales Letter” by Dan Kennedy helped him re-focus his web presence and increased his sales online.

How do you align your Offline & Online Sales

The high priority are those customers who are on your website right now. If you can increase your response to those online customers, you’ll grow your business significantly. Those customers who are in your store are already semi-captive.

Create seamless checkpoints on your website, in the same way you have seamless checkpoints offline.

Be fast to respond online – also having a human on the end of your online sales enquiries will increase sales conversions.

Gerry Harvey admits a lot of people going into the store have previously researched online.

Action Point

“Create a non-negotiable sales system in your business today” – James Schramko

If you’d like to know more about James Schramko and his business, visit Superfast Business.