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Developing A Successful Offline & Online Sales System With James Schramko

17 Jan 2013

Sales has been a theme here at Typical Business for the last couple of months, so I couldn’t think of a better guest than James Schramko to join us and give some awesome advice about offline sales and developing and online sales system to sell online.

James runs his current business Superfast Business primarily as an online business offering business services like web development and search engine optimisation, as well as a coaching and mastermind groups. Continue Reading

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The Most Forgotten Sales Tool Killing Your Business

9 Jan 2013

We’re evolving – personally, professionally and as a society. In the midst of all this change some things have been forgotten – and it’s likely hurting us. Today I want to share the most forgotten sales tool that is underutilised in almost every business today – and the effects are astounding.

I’m always up for new things. I love new. I embrace change. It’s just the way I am. But I know that no matter how many changes I make or how many new tools I collect, there are some fundamental rules and principles that remain the same.

For example, these fundamentals never change; Continue Reading