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Ecosystem Ideas

Creating An Business Ecosystem For Greater Profits

21 Dec 2012

In our last podcast for 2012 we share our thoughts on creating a business ecosystem. An ecosystem is where you can create new business that feeds and lives alongside your existing business structure.

These could be new stand alone businesses in their own right, or they could be additional services that you’re not currently offering.

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Bank Balance

Why You Should Get Paid Up Front Before You Start Work

24 Nov 2012

Cash is king, and without money coming in, your business won’t last long.

The saying goes that you should never discuss money in polite company, but as a business owner, there’s no room for reticence in discussing pricing and payment.

In many industries, it’s traditional to invoice after the delivery of work, but increasingly, freelancers and businesses are moving toward a different business model.

Whether you ask for a substantial deposit before you begin Continue Reading

Top 3 Free Productivity Tools Do, XMind & Evernote

19 Nov 2012

Working more efficiently is a key criteria for business owners and managers each year. Increasing productivity typically equates to an increase in profits, higher customer satisfaction and greater staff retention. So here are our top 3 free productivity tools we use and recommend.

Every technological advancement brings with it new logical stepping stones and further tools that need to be integrated into business models in order to keep companies “up to date” and “on the map” as far as Continue Reading


What Business Owners Can Learn From The Top 10 Tips Of Richard Branson

2 Oct 2012

When Richard Branson speaks – we listen! Even better, we discuss his latest top 10 tips for entrepreneurs and business owners to see how they can apply in a real and practical way.

Here’s a quick run-down on the tips from #10 to #1 and our thoughts;

No.10 If you can swing it, work from home Continue Reading

Manipulation or Motivation?

21 Sep 2012

There’s a very fine line between manipulation and motivation and as a manager or owner of a business it’s critical to understand the similarities and differences.

Both will achieve a similar short term result however, both with have very different long term effects.

  • One of these will produce a thriving business where staff are compelled to achieve with the assurance of reward for effort. If those staff members move on it will be with mixed emotions borne out of loyalty and a great sense of empowerment.

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Panel of judges

The Quick Cure For Overcoming Perfectionism & Time Management Tips

18 Sep 2012

This weeks episode is all about how to overcome perfectionism and how it can hold you back as a business owner or manager.

We explore some of the main issues perfectionists need to overcome in order to grow their business.

We take a closer look at your responsibilities and give you a great way to refine your workload, quickly, effectively and most of all in a way that will help you have fun at work! Continue Reading