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Daymond John

From Humble Beginnings To Self-Made Multimillionaire

29 Mar 2013

Daymond John took to the stage to a standing applause from the audience at Infusioncon 2013. The excitement in the room is tangible.

5 Shark Points – How to remain a shark, or How to become a shark.

When you’re a child and you’re starting to crawl and walk, you’ll fall. When you do your parents say “get up”. When you’re learning to speak as a child your parents say “good, speak up, keep trying”.

When you’re an adult and you tell your parents you want to go out and start a new business or solve the worlds problems your parents will say with good intentions “don’t do it”, “It’s too risky, stay in your job”. Continue Reading

David Allen

Getting Things Done

28 Mar 2013

David Allen – Author of Getting Things Done shared common sense, but not commonly practiced ways to create conditions to enable you (and others) to flourish.

What is your horizon of commitments?

  • Purpose and principles – what really matters
  • Vision – best manifestation of success
  • Goals – objectives to achieve
  • Accountabilities – Key areas to maintain
  • Projects – Things to finish
  • Actions – things to do now. Continue Reading
Chinese Farmer

Farming Is For Suckers!

25 Mar 2013

This weeks Typical Business podcast theme is – Farming is for suckers. More importantly, are you a farmer, an artisan or are you effectively running your business?

Now before you think – hang on, farmers are hard working honest people doing it tough! I know, I know… The reference is specifically in relation to a group of people that played the online game ‘World of Warcraft’. In this podcast episode we break down what farmers did, and just why they were referred to as suckers. More importantly, we’re going to take a closer look at those farmers and see if you can identify with any of them. Continue Reading

Follow the leader

Three Traits Of Leadership You Should Embrace

4 Mar 2013

This weeks typical business podcast is all about three traits of leadership you should embrace. If your a business owner or leader, these leadership traits will help you lead your business to greater success.

If you’re a business owner, then you need to practise leadership and these three traits of leadership are a good place to start. That often means you’ve got to learn how to cope with adversity and living under the spotlight. If you can navigate this well, you’ll be able to build a cohesive environment that will thrive due to your direct efforts. Continue Reading


Developing Your Company Ethos With Strong Leadership

8 Feb 2013

Working in management, you observe contrasting business and management styles. One observation that holds true in every organisation I’ve ever worked in is that influence flows from the top down and attitudes, ethics and standards are all created at the top.

Whatever characteristics are displayed at the top levels of an organisation will reflect in the middle level managers and then to the support staff right down to the trainees in the business.

Some organisations Owners and top level management have a really poor customer service attitude – almost as if they would say ‘there’s plenty more where they came from’. Continue Reading

Emotional Geeks

How Emotional Intelligence Could Be The Missing Link In Your Business

25 Jan 2013

Dr Ilona Jerabek discusses the value of psychological testing and answers the question “What is Emotional Intelligence” and the role it plays in your business, not only as an attribute for you as a business owner, but in your staff.

There were some surprising revelations that came to me during this interview – namely how much I should start to exercise my own emotions and ‘gut’ decisions and how that can improve my business. Continue Reading