Jim Kukral

Build Your Sales And Reputation With E-Books

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Jim F. Kukral (Twitter @jimkukral) who is the CEO of DigitalBookLaunch.com opens with the obvious that we can all see happening right now. We don’t need a traditional publisher anymore – we can self publish our own books.

Jim should know, he’s authored nine books since 2010. Here’s just a few benefits to publishing your own book;

  • Generate leads for your business
  • Increased consulting fees x 3
  • Each book leads to new readers, fans and customers.

So here’s the kicker. I’m sitting here with Jim convincing me to publish my own book, while my first books sits on my PC currently 25% complete and gathering digital dust while I’m busy blogging.

I keep banging on about this, but that small voice has been telling me for over a year to get writing – and right now it’s banging me on the head. I’m positive that I need to get this done, an

Secrets to Amazon Success

Here’s Jim’s key guide to generating success with your self publishing.

  • Think keywords and Amazon categories – Discover-ability is one of the biggest issues for all publishers. Currently, you can choose up to 7 categories.
  • Price: Between $2.99 – $9.99
  • Formatting: It’s not so hard
  • Cover Image: Make it stand out! Remember it’s a thumbnail size initially also – so keep that in mind.
  • Reviews and Likes are extremely important
  • Research the competition

How can you prepare your eBook to get published on Amazon?

There are a number of tools like Pressbooks.com and Scrivener.

Cover Image

Make it professional. If you want to be taken seriously don’t cut corners with the artwork on your book cover.

Set the right tone and try to appeal to both men and women (if applicable).

Also ensure that your name is fully visible.

Amazon Reviews

Try to get as many reviews as possible. This is fairly obvious but Jim spells out just how hard it is to get someone to leave a review.

It’s important though, don’t take the negative reviews personally. Don’t respond, even though Amazon will allow you to.

Vote reviews; When reviews are left, you can go and vote for the reviews to be raised or lowered based on if they were helpful or not. If you get good reviews, promote them up the list and bad reviews vote them down.

Launch Process

Your goal – is to be a “Hot New Release” or a “Bestseller”.

Book marketing stats at the book conception. Here’s an idea; While you’re writing your book have the cover artwork created along with different titles that might be appealing. Promote those covers and titles on social media and have your followers vote on which they like the most. This is a great way to pre-market your eBook, and get your audience ready to buy it when it is live.

Use the same techniques that Hollywood use when they’re about to release a new movie. They start talking about it, they create a trailer, then they announce the opening date.