Affiliate Disclaimer

Hi all,

Steve Fitzpatrick here. I’m the Owner of Digital Domination which is the parent company and full owner of Typical Business and the Typical Business Podcast.

I wanted to make things clear about how Typical Business runs as a business and how we monetise what we do.

One of the ways we generate revenue is through Affiliate programs.

Where a product has an affiliate offer, I may join that program and include an affiliate link on the product from this website. If you click on that product link I will be paid an affiliate commission for any purchases you make.

A good example of this is 

I have been using Bluehost as my website host since 2010 and have been very happy with their pricing and service. So, I recommend them to my friends, family and colleagues. If you or anyone else clicks on a Bluehost link from this website, it will register me as the referee and Bluehost will pay me a commission.

I also regularly buy products from Amazon which I also promote

I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

During the podcast episodes and on the blog notes, I might endorse certain products. All of those endorsements are done because I have either used the product in the past or am currently using that product. To help you grow your business I’ll share from my own experience different things that I have tried that either failed or worked so you can fast track your success. If, and only if I think a product can help you be successful will it get any endorsement from me or this website.

There are and will always be a lot of things we link to out of the Typical Business website. Not all of them will be affiliate links, but you should be aware that in many cases they may be, and that if you do proceed to a purchase, I will be paid a commission.

If you’re like me, and have your own platform, blog or podcast, I would also highly recommend that you too look into becoming an affiliate. The revenue it generates helps offset some of the costs of producing great content.

Finally, I don’t like repeating myself but I want to make something clear;

I will never promote or endorse a product I do not believe in and have not tried or tested myself first.

If you have a question relating to any of the above, please send me an email using the contact form on this website. All emails from this site are directed to me personally for my attention.

To your business success,

Steve Fitzpatrick