Say No More

5 Minute Motivator – Say No

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Saying No can be a powerful tool to keep you focused on what is important and what is within your capability to manage.

You know what I’m talking about right?

To get to where you are today, you were probably a Yes person. When asked ‘Who can pick up additional work’ you’d often be the one putting up your hand.

You’d be working longer hours in the office and often got noticed and recognised over the years as you’ve climbed the corporate ladder.

I know that’s what I did.

I wanted more responsibility and was happy to take on additional tasks. Rarely would something come up where I wouldn’t volunteer my time to do it.

But all of that has to change.

There comes a time when you need to learn to say No – more often and faster than ever before.

It’s an essential skill to develop, and for some of us it means unlearning that ‘can-do’ attitude. Instead, it’s time to embrace a ‘no-can-do’ attitude.

Say No – I don’t take on that kind of work.

Say No – I won’t do those things for our clients.

Say No – I won’t come to your office for another meeting.

Say No – We don’t give discounts on our products.

Say No – I’m not willing to compromise on our standards.

Say No – I’m not willing to waste my time on those things.

Saying No keeps you focused, steadfast and on track and happy with where you’re going.