How To Grow A Business By 10% Or More Each Year

23 Oct 2014

How to grow a business by 10% or more year on year is one of the biggest challenges established business owners face.

There are so many variables – so many shifting goalposts and so many opportunities screaming out for attention that it can, at times, be overwhelming. It’s also healthy to grow. If you’re stagnating then that’s not a good warning sign unless you’re already totally dominating your market and you have near 100% saturation.

Here are a number of strategies I would suggest you consider and work through 1 at a time to implement for business growth. Continue Reading


The Best Ecommerce Plugin For WordPress Isn’t Just A Plugin

22 Oct 2014

Trying to find the best ecommerce plugin for wordpress can be a painful and drawn out experience. I recently had to research dozens of ecommerce solutions and not once did I find the best solution organically using Google. But I’m going to share it with you today.

After looking through countless ecommerce plugins, one absolutely wipes the table with all the others.

First, I want to discuss the solutions that most people recommend; Continue Reading


Typical Business Goals For The Short Term

21 Oct 2014

I figure it’s time to set some goals for Typical Business and what better way than to make those goals transparent – for accountability sake as well as for a learning resource.

Why set goals?

When I first started Typical Business (as a website) I figured I had things I wanted to share. As I’ve previously mentioned, I really enjoy helping others on their journey, whatever that may be.

I figured, why not share some of the good, bad and ugly from my own business experience?

Because I play a lot with the online world, my off-line friends Continue Reading

The_Crossing 2

That Feeling You Get When…

20 Oct 2014

Being a sole director of a business can be a lonely and isolating space and there will be times when your emotions take hold and rational thought disappears.

It doesn’t take much to bring this on either. That’s what’s really weird. If you speak with other business owners and entrepreneurs they’ll tell you their life is a little bit like a rollercoaster ride. There are fantastic high moments, where things are just steaming along and it feels like you cannot put a foot wrong. But there are other times. Lonely times. Isolating times. Times of doubt. Times of uncertainty. Times when you wish someone was walking in your shoes just for 5 minutes so you could sit with them and feel comforted.

I think this is the area that I was least prepared for Continue Reading