5 Minute Motivator – Shift and Grow

4 Apr 2013

Have you hit a plateau? Perhaps you need to shift and grow. Making a mindset-shift in the way you’re thinking will often allow you to bound ahead and grow beyond your current situation and expectations.

Moving from A to B is often a physical event. So much so we get caught in the assumption that what happens internally doesn’t affect what is going on externally.

I’m not sure that could be further from the truth. Continue Reading

Eat The Frog First

5 Minute Motivator – Eat The Frog First

3 Apr 2013

Mark Twain said “Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”.

Making tough decisions is easy, when you decide to Eat The Frog First.

Think about this for a minute;

You have to eat a frog.

You have to eat a frog every single day for the rest of your life. Continue Reading

Say No More

5 Minute Motivator – Say No

2 Apr 2013

Saying No can be a powerful tool to keep you focused on what is important and what is within your capability to manage.

You know what I’m talking about right?

To get to where you are today, you were probably a Yes person. When asked ‘Who can pick up additional work’ you’d often be the one putting up your hand.

You’d be working longer hours in the office and often got noticed and recognised over the years as you’ve climbed the corporate ladder. Continue Reading

At What Cost

5 Minute Motivator – At What Cost

1 Apr 2013

At what cost are you taking one action over another? Your time is precious, and whatever measure of time you invest into one activity is lost forever over another activity.

Often, people work on level 1. Level 1 is where an action has an immediate reaction – and that is as far as they can see. But our decisions have ripple effects that can last for decades.

Have you heard the saying ‘whatever seed you plant is what will grow’? Continue Reading

Mari Smith

How To Master The Social Web In 5 Easy Steps

29 Mar 2013

Mari Smith (Twitter @marismith) takes the stage this afternoon – many refer to her as a Social Media Thought Leader, and definitely is well known as a Facebook expert.

For many business owners, we know how to relate to others, often learning while in the firing line of sales as we’ve grown our business from scratch. Mari Smith is going to try to help us bridge the gap between conversing with people in our normal environments face to face, to using social media online.

Social Graph

Mari reveals what the Social Graph looks like on Facebook with a demonstration of a search for real estate representatives in San Jose California. Continue Reading

Daymond John

From Humble Beginnings To Self-Made Multimillionaire

29 Mar 2013

Daymond John took to the stage to a standing applause from the audience at Infusioncon 2013. The excitement in the room is tangible.

5 Shark Points – How to remain a shark, or How to become a shark.

When you’re a child and you’re starting to crawl and walk, you’ll fall. When you do your parents say “get up”. When you’re learning to speak as a child your parents say “good, speak up, keep trying”.

When you’re an adult and you tell your parents you want to go out and start a new business or solve the worlds problems your parents will say with good intentions “don’t do it”, “It’s too risky, stay in your job”. Continue Reading