Typical Business Goals For The Short Term

21 Oct 2014

I figure it’s time to set some goals for Typical Business and what better way than to make those goals transparent – for accountability sake as well as for a learning resource.

Why set goals?

When I first started Typical Business (as a website) I figured I had things I wanted to share. As I’ve previously mentioned, I really enjoy helping others on their journey, whatever that may be.

I figured, why not share some of the good, bad and ugly from my own business experience?

Because I play a lot with the online world, my off-line friends Continue Reading

The_Crossing 2

That Feeling You Get When…

20 Oct 2014

Being a sole director of a business can be a lonely and isolating space and there will be times when your emotions take hold and rational thought disappears.

It doesn’t take much to bring this on either. That’s what’s really weird. If you speak with other business owners and entrepreneurs they’ll tell you their life is a little bit like a rollercoaster ride. There are fantastic high moments, where things are just steaming along and it feels like you cannot put a foot wrong. But there are other times. Lonely times. Isolating times. Times of doubt. Times of uncertainty. Times when you wish someone was walking in your shoes just for 5 minutes so you could sit with them and feel comforted.

I think this is the area that I was least prepared for Continue Reading


Digital Marketing – Shotgun Or Sniper?

17 Oct 2014

When it comes to digital marketing, there are two types of approaches typical business owners take. The most common would be the shotgun approach but the less common and more effective approach might just be with the sniper.

You’ve probably had these thoughts at one point or another.

One day you see your competitor on YouTube and the next they’re on Facebook.

You think to yourself “DAMN, I need to be everywhere or they’re going to kill my business!”.

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Fake It Till You Make It Is Bullshit

16 Oct 2014

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Fake it till you make it’ – but it’s bullshit advice.

Here’s 10 reasons why you shouldn’t fake it till you make it;

1. Integrity is valuable in business

When it comes down to it, your integrity is not something you want to exchange for anything. This is one area that if you cross the line once it can be used against you for a lifetime. People will remember. People will talk. When it comes to who they trust with their business, you want to be the go-to-guy/gal.

2. Sleep better at night

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Free Time

Meet Edgar Review – Social Media Scheduling & Automation

15 Oct 2014

I recently stumbled across Meet Edgar and thought I should do a review of this social media scheduling tool that has now totally changed the way I manage my social media accounts.

Meet Edgar is now my go-to tool instead of Hootsuite which I’ve used for so long. I’ve only been using Edgar for 2 weeks and I’m already convinced it’s better suited for me than any other social media scheduling tool I’ve used in the past.

There are a number of reasons for this, which I’ll explain a little later in this post.

If you’ve been using social media like Facebook and Twitter for business, then you’ll already be Continue Reading

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Laws Of Lifecycle Marketing #7: Referrals

14 Oct 2014

How can you be more ‘referable’? (Is that even a word?). Today, Mike needs to implement a system to ensure he is getting referrals and we give him a whole lot of strategies he can employ to increase the amount of referrals he gets.

This post is part of a series of posts about Mikes Tackle Shop – (put yourself in Mike’s shoes before reading further).

First of all, what is a referral?

Very simply, it’s when someone recommends you as a provider of goods or services to another potential buyer.

If you’re in a typical business and had referrals, there’s a very powerful force at work that undeniably more powerful Continue Reading

Happy Customers

Laws of Lifecycle Marketing #6: Upsell Customers

13 Oct 2014

One thing I really like to focus on with any of my businesses is profits. Not number of customers, not revenue, not staff numbers, not the size of my office… I couldn’t care less about vanity metrics. Profits is always king.

This post is part of a series of posts about Mikes Tackle Shop – (put yourself in Mike’s shoes before reading further).

So when it comes to this stage of lifecycle marketing – up-selling your customers is a great strategy to increasing profits. The good news is, it’s almost always possible too.

Up-selling customers is also often referred to as increasing Continue Reading

Big catch

Laws Of Lifecycle Marketing #5: Deliver & Satisfy

10 Oct 2014

Today we’re looking at your sales funnel with the goal focused on customer happiness. Deliver and Satisfy are big keys to ensuring your business will continue to grow into the future.

This post is part of a series of posts about Mikes Tackle Shop – (put yourself in Mike’s shoes before reading further).

Delivery is something that I hold as very high in the sales satisfaction spectrum.

Consider the negatives. If you don’t deliver in every way you promised, a customer will feel jaded, Continue Reading

Live Bait

Laws Of Lifecycle Marketing #4: Convert Sales

9 Oct 2014

Converting sales is the name of the game so this Law of Lifecycle Marketing is really important.

This post is part of a series of posts about Mikes Tackle Shop – (put yourself in Mike’s shoes before reading further).

Lets take a look at what Mikes Tackle Shop has done so far.

1. Mike found where his customers were online

2. He then developed an opt-in form and added it to a re-vamped website Continue Reading


Laws Of Lifecycle Marketing #3: Nurture Prospects

8 Oct 2014

If Mike from Mikes Tackle Shop is following my advice, he’s now got his website fixed up and added 1 or more lead magnets to capture leads from his website visitors. The next step for Mike is to nurture those prospects until they buy.

This post is part of a series of posts about Mikes Tackle Shop – (put yourself in Mike’s shoes before reading further).

Like most of us, Mike probably isn’t used to sending out emails to multiple people on a regular basis. A task like that sounds like a big turnoff – and a big time sink (something I hate).

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Continue Reading