Think Lean

9 Sep 2014

The way my mind works is to analyse then over-engineer everything to the nth degree – to cover every possible outcome. But in the last 4 years I’ve had to unlearn such a bad habit and think lean in almost every part of my business, every day.

If there is one thing Twitter has taught millions of people, it’s that a well written small sentence can be powerful.

Think about what people are achieving right now on Twitter.

  • Breaking news world-wide.
  • Promoting causes or promoting products.
  • Making sales.
  • Providing valuable feedback.
  • Voicing strong opinions.

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keyword match terms

Utilizing Keyword Match Terms In Google Adwords

1 Sep 2014

Using keyword match terms when assigning keywords in Google AdWords can seem simple enough…

But plenty of times I see people fail to really grasp how each match type works and how you should utilize them. So I have decided to lend my understanding of keyword match terms to help you get the search results you want and raise your quality score. It may seem like pretty basic stuff, but you would be surprised by how many people get it wrong.

The first keyword match term is the Broad Match.

In order to Broad Match a keyword it does not require any symbols or any other keys in front of the keyword you wish to insert, you simply write it as say women’s hats Continue Reading

Honest Company

The Old Conventional Way Of Thinking When It Comes To A Career May Be Out-Dated

22 Aug 2014

Is it better to stick with one job or business, and focus all your attention to that? Or to branch out your time to incorporate 1 or more career pathways.

My dad and I were speaking yesterday on how today’s method of thinking when it comes to your career path and choices could be considered quite different compared to the older, more traditional way of thinking where you would stay working one job and focus all your attention to that. Whereas today a lot of people are branching out as they grow older and evolve with their work to create new business’s and opportunities that apply to them. Continue Reading

Canva Start Page

Free Facebook Ad Design Software

9 Jul 2014

This quick and easy guide will help you create your free Facebook ad design in less than five minutes.

If you’re frustrated getting your facebook ads created, then this step by step guide will eliminate your frustrations forever. We’ll show you what you need to do to create your free Facebook ad design. Just follow each step through this guide and you can download your final, complete facebook ad graphic using this great free software called Canva.

Step 1: Head to Canva and create your free account.

You’ll need to create an account if you want to create multiple ad designs and images. Plus Canva lets you store Continue Reading

PC Speed

Increase Productivity By Boosting Your Windows 8 PC Speed

28 Jan 2014

Spend 5 minutes today on these time savers and you can save 10 minutes every day from now on.

I’m all for time saving activities especially when making a change has continued affect (listen to our time in motion podcast as an example). Increasing the speed of your computer is one of those activities that takes only minutes to perform, but can make a dramatic difference to your productivity every day.

Let me start this by saying, I LOVE WINDOWS 8 (and now 8.1). As a software engineer, I can see various aspects that have been improved – and while I don’t use the Metro interface on my desktop PC, it’s great on my laptop, surface tablet and my windows phone. Continue Reading


Re-Writing An Employment Contract – With A Difference

14 Jan 2014

Every employment contract I ever received was flawed. It was missing one crucial ingredient, which I’m going to share with you today.

I first started full-time work in 1990 and since then have worked with seven different employers. Over 20 years of employment, one thing was fairly consistent; My employment contract.

In 2006, when I became the General Manager of a company I also inherited the responsibility of hiring (and firing). I also took on the responsibility of creating employment contracts, so I did what every good manager does – I read my previous contracts and put together something that had a little bit of everything in it. Continue Reading


The Hot Topic Of Transparency

7 Jan 2014

It seems these days I get more and more clients dropping the ‘T’ word – that is; ‘Transparency’. Business owners often talk about my strategy of client acquisition and most (if not all) don’t like a few of my methods. I’ll explain why.

In 2010 I met James Schramko – he was an internet entrepreneur who gave away advice about how to build traffic to your website. That was his real specialty, as without traffic, you’re not going to produce many online sales.

Traffic then became my first priority of business. How do I increase the amount of visitors to my website? Continue Reading

Strong boy

Understanding And Focusing On Your Strengths

1 Jan 2014

It’s a new year and every business owner should be consumed right now with creating a plan of attack for their business or implementing the one they created last month.

It’s important right now that you focus on your strengths, and just as important that you allow those who work with you to do the same.

True Story

Several years ago I employed a new receptionist. She was young, bright but a little shy. I kept thinking to myself she is really intelligent and interesting, but for some reason just didn’t want to come out of her shell. Continue Reading

NYC Cabs

What Small Business Owners Can Learn From New York Cab Drivers

24 Dec 2013

This year I visited the USA and had a wonderful 5 week break seeing some of the best of what America has to offer.

Coming from Perth Western Australia to NYC was like going from a kiddie ride on a pony to racing in the Melbourne Cup.

The crowds are intense and the traffic is on a completely new level. For one, drivers are a lot more aggressive. They take off accelerating as fast as the car possibly can from every red light. If you happen to be driving a hire-car, you’ll quickly do the same or be honked by every driver.

So what did I learn from a NYC cab driver? Continue Reading

Bending Steel


11 Nov 2013

Sometimes, a priority shift is needed, and when you do it many people won’t understand why. At the end of the day a good leader must decide what is best long term, even if short term results are adversely affected. Even if others don’t see the ‘bigger picture’.

My brother in law recently summed this up nicely in a discussion we had about small business owners and why some of the most successful politicians started their careers as small business owners.

He said the one trait they all had in common – “Resilience”.

In the face of criticism, in a downturned economy, in challenging times hiring the right staff, in all the adversity that comes with running a small business Continue Reading