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Dominate, Don’t Dabble

31 Oct 2014

Have you got 100 great business ideas and opportunities in front of you? Are you switching from one to the other? STOP. It’s time to dominate and stop dabbling.

At ICON14 I heard Casey Graham talk about this concept and it rang true.

All of us can, at times, be like seagulls flying to the brightest shiniest thing on the beach. You know what I’m talking about right?

Social is the new way to get clients.

Google is the new way to get clients.

Mobile Apps, Remarketing, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Podcasts, Direct mail, SMS messages Continue Reading

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If A Business Owner Submitted Their Own CV To Themselves

30 Oct 2014

In 2010 I resigned as the General Manager of a building company and shortly after I resigned the owner asked for a detailed list of everything I did as the GM.

Why? Because he didn’t know what it was that I did (That’s a story for another time).

So, I did as he requested and started to write down everything I did as the GM.

To my surprise, the list was far greater than I realised and if I’m honest, I was a little shocked myself. Continue Reading

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How Work Smarter, Not Harder Changed The Way We Think

29 Oct 2014

When it comes to business and life in general, work smarter not harder has become a mantra for many of us.

We’ve all worked hard right?

When I started my career, I began as a brickies labourer. Man that s a physically demanding job! Up at dawn and out in the sun all day with little to no protection. Constantly moving, lifting, digging, wheel-barrowing, sweating and generally getting exhausted by the end of each day.

In my first week on the job, there wasn’t much help or advice. Continue Reading

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What To Do After Launching A Website

28 Oct 2014

Look at you fancy pants! Congratulations on launching your new website! Woohoo!

You’ve finally launched your website and it’s taken its place among the millions of other websites online…. but now what? What should you be doing right after launching a website?

If you’ve just launched, chances are you pushed yourself (or your web designer) to just get it out there and online. That means, you probably skipped a few of the less important details in the process in order to just get your new baby launched and out there.

Plus, you may not really know what to do next? You might be thinking; Continue Reading

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5 Minute Motivator – How To Be More Innovative In Business

27 Oct 2014

If you want to know how to be more innovative in business, you first need to identify the conditioning that is holding you back.

Years of conditioning have made us all conform to a standard, an ethos, a purpose, a goal…. a lie. For Entrepreneurs, this conditioning is holding us back from innovating.

It’s time we all reassessed our mindset when it comes to our business and take a better look at how we’ve been conditioned to act and think with business.

Encyclopedia Brittanica says “Conditioning is a form of learning in which either (1) a given stimulus (or signal) Continue Reading

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5 Minute Motivator – Celebrate Your Success

24 Oct 2014

You’ve been working hard, often long hours in your home office, to create a business of your own. Go on – celebrate your success. It’s time you realised you’ve done what most can’t won’t.

For a lot of small business owners and entrepreneurs, we often forget just what we’ve been able to achieve.

I’ll never forget my first client under my very first business. I saved them over $75,000 when they built their new home.

Our promise at the time was a 10% savings, and we just fell short of 20%. It was awesome and my client was over the moon. Continue Reading